Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Comments! I need Comments!! + A Tutorial

Hey everyone,

I know that people are reading my blog (slowly but surely) because my counter keeps going up. But there are next to NO COMMENTS  on my posts. In order for this blog to be successful for me I NEED MY READERS' INPUT! Please comment on my posts if you think it's funny, think it sucks, want to tell me to shut the fuck up. I don't care what you say but I need responses for this blog to become noticed. If some random internet surfer comes across my blog, he/she is most likely going to glance through the first few posts, notice that no one commented on anything, assume the blog sucks and that no one is reading it, then surf on his merry way. I really don't want that to happen :(

So I think one of the reasons no one is commenting is because you are unfamiliar with this site and don't know how to work it. Well I am here to fix that! I will give you a short tutorial of what everything is and how to comment.

If you look at the top of the page you will see the title of my wonderful blog "The Infamous Mr. Smith," that's me! If at any time you want to return to the main page of the blog click on the blog title and it will you bring you right back. Below the title is a description of the blog, then the blog Logo, which I made myself  ^_^ (please hold your applause)

Now please turn your attention to the right of the page. Hey! There's my face! If you click there it will take you to my profile where you will learn a few things about me... but just a few. ;) Below that is the counter, here you can see how many visits I have accumulated. Every time someone is directed to the front page, the counter goes up by one. WOOPEE! That's good! Next is My Reading Material. These are the blogs that I keep up with and read. They are all very good and some of them are written by people I know so check them out as well =D. Going down you will see everyone that follows my blog (hopefully this list will start growing soon with your help) , the search bar if you want to search for anything I have blogged about, then my blog archive which keeps all my blogs nice and orderly for your convenience. :) Also you can go through the posts in order by clicking the "older Posts" link at the bottom of each page

Now comes the FUN PART!!! If you look below this post you will see a few different ways to give input on my posts. First is the time the post was published, and how many comments it has. This is where you come in. If you click on the comments, YOU CAN EVEN LEAVE A COMMENT YOURSELF! COOL! And the best part about this is you don't have to have a blogger account to comment!! Anyone with these types of accounts can comment: Google (gmail), LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM, and OpenID. I think you can even comment with a twitter account. Of all these different accounts you guys have to have at least one of these. So please use them and talk to me! This blog depends on you just as much as me! Without me there would be no blog, but without YOU my words are absolutely worthless.

Now back to business. Beside the comments link is a picture of an envelope with an arrow. With this you can email any post to your friends! If you like one of my posts, please send it to your friends. Spread the word! I need as much publicity as possible. Last but not least is the reaction below that. Here you can tick which ever reaction you have to the post. you do not even have to have an account to use these. Anyone who looks at my blog can tick these, and you can tick them in any combination you wish.

Ok, there is your lesson for today kiddos. I appreciate any and everything you guys do for me and this blog. I am very proud of it and I want it to succeed. In the long run it's going to help me with my career in Journalism, but not without your help!!

That's it for now loyal readers! I love each and every one of you! Especially so if you leave me comments ;) jk! ADIOS!

-Mr. Smith

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