Thursday, April 8, 2010

If I ever become a professor, I want some answers like these =P

Here's some pictures I found on Facebook of crazy answers and essays that people actually turned in to teachers! Some of them are kind of long, but they're worth the read, Trust me!

I never in a million years would have thought that it was possible to artfully describe 2girls1cup... but this guy did it.... Wow, Kudos dude. Nonetheless, dude's gotta be SUPER brave to actually turn this in.

I love how the teacher participated in this one. But the poor guy still got no credit for the answer :(

 Noob! Duh! Don't you play MMORPGs, Mrs. Teacher?


 A For effort I say...

Ya can't help but laugh at this one... even tho the guy probably is crazy.... and probably in a LOAD of trouble...

 HA! Could this guy even finish the test after drawing this insanely detailed King Leonidas? Good Job, though!

 This guy got it right!! Now if only I could draw this good, I could pass everything!!
 You can't say that's a wrong answer... He did find X.

Now who says  being a teacher would be boring!?!? With answers like these I would stay pretty entertained!  That's it for today folks! Stay Tuned!

-Mr. Smith

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